Will You Walk Alone With Jesus Burr

Will you walk alone with Jesus?
Is the narrow way your choice?
Will you walk alone with Jesus?
Will you heed His gentle voice?
Hear Him saying, “Come to me,
Though your sins as scarlet be,
I will make them white as snow,
And set you free.”

Come and walk alone with Jesus,
He will lead you where the living waters flow;
In the land of light and glory,
Where the angel choirs are singing,
All the bliss of life eternal in His presence you shall know.

Will you walk alone with Jesus?
You will need no better friend;
For His loving hand will lead you,
And from every foe defend;
Hear Him saying, “Never fear,
For thy help will I appear;
In the hour of greatest danger
I am near.” [Refrain]

Will you walk alone with Jesus?
Just a few brief, fleeting days,
And with glad triumphant millions
You shall join the endless praise;
Hear Him saying, “Come ye blest,
Enter now the promised rest,
And beside me you shall stand,
My own confessed.” [Refrain]