Wilt Thou Sinner Be Converted

Wilt thou, sinner, be converted?
Christ the Lord of glory see
By His own denied, deserted,
Bleeding, bound, and scourged for thee.
Look again, O soul, behold Him
On the cross uplifted high;
See the precious life-blood flowing,
See the tears that dim His eye.
Love has pierced the heart that brake,
Loveless sinner, for thy sake.
Hearken till thy heart is broken
To His cry so sad and sweet,
Hearken to the hammer smiting
Nails that pierce His hands and feet.
See the side whence flows the fountain
Of His love and life divine,
Riven by a hand unthankful-
Lo! that hand is thine.
See the crown of thorns adorning
God’s beloved, holy Son;
Then fall down in bitter mourning,
Weep for that which thou hast done.
Thank Him that His heart was willing
So to die for love of thee;
Thank Him for the joy that maketh
This world’s joy but gall to be.
And till thou in Heaven adore Him
Fight for Him in knightly guise,
Joy in shame and scorn and sorrow;
Glorious is the prize!

Hymns of Ter Steegen and Others (Second Series),