With A Heart Brave And Ready

With a heart brave and ready,
With a hand strong and steady,
In the name of our Jehovah we will press the battle on;
With a soul true and loyal,
With an aim high and royal,
Let us follow where he leads until the victory is won.

For ’tis God alone can help us to fight the battle thro’;
It is only he, the Lord, who wondrous things can do;
God alone can defend us, he alone pow’r can send us,
So we trust in his strong arm to fight the battle thro’.

With an earnest endeavor,
With a faith flat’ring never,
In the strength of our Jehovah we will challenge sin and wrong;
If the Lord go before us,
And his banner e o’er us,
We will follow till thro’ him we sing the glad triumphant song. [Refrain]

There are wrongs to be righted
And, in purpose united,
We should march in ranks unbroken to the earnest battle field;
God, his honor defending,
God, his help to us sending,
Will empow’r us in the conflict till the foe is forced to yield. [Refrain]