With A Sweeter Music Golden Harps Are Ri

With a sweeter music golden harps are ringing,
Welcome tidings echo thro’ the mansions bright;
Higher swells the anthem, heav’n’s choir is singing,
For among the angels there is joy tonight.

Praise the name of Jesus, there is joy in heav’n,
Over souls from sin and darkness, coming into light;
Souls into the kingdom come with sins forgiven,
And among the angels there is joy tonight.

Hardened hearts are yielding to the Spirit’s pleading,
Sinners gladly enter mercy’s open door;
While angelic heralds with the news are speeding,
Thro’ the shining city on the other shore. [Refrain]

From the ways of evil, weary feet are turning,
Spirits long in blindness, now are finding sight;
For the Father’s pardon wand’ring ones are yearning,
And o’er souls repenting, saints rejoice tonight. [Refrain]

Highest praise and glory to the Love Eternal,
Souls from danger bringing safe into the fold;
Happy earthly voices join the hymn supernal,
Sung where hands celestial strike the harps of gold. [Refrain]