With Afflictions Great And Sore

With afflictions great and sore,
As if bound by Satan’s hand,
For Thy healing mercy to implore,
Lord, I came at Thy command.

I am healed, I know I am,
I am healed this very hour;
For my Jesus says I am,
And I feel His mighty pow’r.

Though my faith was very weak,
Jesus said so sweet and kind,
“I will surely heal you every whit,
And will break the chains that bind.” [Refrain]

Then His proffered hand I took,
And the vict’ry soon was won,
I received the perfect healing touch,
And the work was quickly done. [Refrain]

Praise His name forevermore!
I will tell to all around,
How the precious gift of healing pow’r,
Through the Spirit we have found. [Refrain]

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