With All Mine Heart Ill Thee Confess

With all mine heart I’ll thee confess,
Praise thee the gods before.
The temple of thine holiness,
Towards it I’ll adore.
I’ll for thy mercy praise thy name,
And for thy verity:
Because thou over ail thy name,
Thy word dost magnify,

Thou in the day didst answer when
I cried unto thee;
With strength within my soul thou then
Didst also strengthen me.
All kings of th* earth thee, Lord, shall praise,
When thy mouth’s words they hear.
They shall sing in Jehovah’s ways,
For great’s HIS glory there.

Albeit that the Lord be high,
Yet he respects the low:
But as for them who lofty be,
He them far off doth know.

Altho’ I walk amidst distress,
Thee quickning me I have:
Thine hands shall my foes wrath suppress,
And thy right hand me save.

The Lord will perfect what’s for me,
Thy mercy Lord aye stands.
O do not those forsake who be
The works of thine own hands.