With All My Heart Ill Praise Thy Name

With all my heart I’ll praise Thy name,
Before the gods Thy praise proclaim;
I’ll worship in Thy holy place,
And praise Thee for Thy truth and grace.

For Thou o’er all Thy name, O Lord,
Hast magnified Thy faithful word;
Thou didst me answer when I cried,
Thou hast my soul with strength supplied.

All kings of earth shall give Thee praise,
When from Thy mouth they learn Thy ways;
They in Jehovah’s ways shall sing,
For great in glory is our king.

The Lord, though high, respects the low;
But He the proud far off doth know;
Though waves of trouble round me roll,
Thou, Lord, wilt yet revive my soul.

My foes enraged, my way withstand;
Against them Thou wilt stretch Thy hand,
Thine own right hand shall set me free,
And perfect make Thy work for me.

O Lord, Thy mercy never ends,
Throughout all ages it extends,
Then on Thy servant pity take,
Thine own hands’ works do not forsake.