With All My Heart Ill Thee Confess

With all my heart I’ll Thee confess,
to Thee my thanks will bring,
And openly before the GODS,
I’ll praises to Thee sing.
Towards thy house of holiness
I’ll bow and worship Thee;
And thy great name to celebrate,
shall my employment be.

But chiefly for thy love and truth
thy praises I’ll proclaim;
For over all, Thou, by thy word,
hast magnify’d thy name.
The very day I cry’d to Thee,
Thou kindly didst reply;
And Thou didst fortify my soul
with strength in full supply.

All kings throughout the joyful earth,
shall give Thee praise, O LORD,
When of thy mouth they come to hear
the true and faithful word.
Yea, they with raised joy shall sing
along JEHOVAH”s ways;
For great the glory of the LORD,
and great is all his praise.

The LORD, tho’ high, yet kindly looks
on those who lowly are;
But those exalted high with pride,
he knows and keeps afar.
Although I walk amidst distress,
Thee quick’ning me I have:
Thine hand shall smite my raging foes,
and thy right hand me save.

The LORD will perfect what I want:
thy mercy ever stands;
JEHOVAH, O forsake thou not
the works of thine own hands.