With All The Powers My Poor Heart Hath

With all the powers my poor heart hath
Of humble love and loyal faith,
I come, dear Lord, to worship Thee,
Whom so much Love bowed low for me.

O dear memorial of that Death
Which still survives, and gives us breath!
Live ever, Bread of Life, and be
My food, my joy, my all to me!

Come, glorious Lord! My hopes increase,
And mix my portion with Thy peace!
Come, and for ever dwell in me,
That I may only live to Thee.

Come, hidden Life, and that long day
For which I languish, come away!
When this faint soul Thy face shall see,
And drink the unsealed Source of Thee:

When glory’s sun faith’s shade shall chase,
And for Thy veil, give me Thy face,
Then shall my praise eternal be
To the Eternal Trinity!