With All The World Before Me

With all the world before me,
Beneath, around me, o’er me,
I count the fading joys to which we mortals cling,
And yield its fleeting treasure,
For I’ve a greater pleasure,
I want to be a soldier of the King.

I want to be a soldier,
A brave courageous soldier;
A soldier not afraid to shout and sing;
I crave no other mission,
This is my one ambition,
I want to be a soldier of the King!

While fighting battles royal,
I will be true and loyal,
Because the Holy Spirit is the sword I swing;
Of Faith a strong defender,
I never will surrender,
I want to be a soldier of the King. [Refrain]

As long as wrongs need righting,
I never will cease fighting
Until the battles of this earthly life are o’er;
When to the end I’ve striven,
And my discharge is given,
I’ll ground my arms on Canaan’s peaceful shore. [Refrain]