With An Everlasting Love Came The Messag

“With an everlasting love,” came the message from above,-
“I have loved thee,” God hath spoken, tell the news;
Hearken, soul, unto His voice, and forevermore rejoice
That His word cannot be broken, tell the news.

Tell the news, the glad good news,
Tell the news from shore to shore!
At the door He waits for thee,
Love divine His only plea,
Tell the news, the glad good news.

Tho’ unmindful we have been, and have wander’d on in sin,
Still His voice is ever speaking, tell the news;
He, rejected o’er and o’er, still is waiting at the door,
And the soul in mercy seeking, tell the news. [Refrain]

Open now to Him your heart, lest forever He depart,
Oh, accept the gracious blessing, tell the news;
“With an everlasting love,” let us each the message prove,
And with joy His name confessing, tell the news. [Refrain]