With Ardent Voice Unto The Lord I Cry

With ardent voice unto the Lord I cry;
With uplift hands implore his clemency.
To him lay open all my secret grief,
And in sad anguish beg his swift relief.
While in the depths of woe, O God, I lay,
Thou know’st how firm I trod the perfect way;
Thou know’st how my inhuman foes prepar’d
Their toils, thy faithful servant to ‘ve ensnar’d.
I look’d for aid, but no kind friend was near;
No friend, my faint and sinking soul to chear;
No faithful friend to curb my cruel foes,
To stem the torrent, and their wrongs t’ oppose.
‘Twas then, thy mercy I invok’d, O Lord,
Call’d thee my refuge, and thy aid implor’d,
Resolv’d, while life thou gav’st me to enjoy,
On thee and thy protection to rely.
O hear me now, for I’m in great distress,
With killing wrongs the men of blood oppress.
From the drear prison thou thy servant raise,
That he thy great, thy glorious name may praise;
That thee the righteous may in hymns extol;
The God whose goodness guards the humble soul.