With Banners Spread We Proudly Tread

With banners spread,
We proudly tread
The path God’s saints have trod;
And arm’d with might,
By day or night,
We wage the strife
Where sin is rife,
To glorify our God.

We fight to win, for God is with us
And right shall triumph over wrong;
Our King the victory will give us,
For He is stronger than the strong;
We fight to win,
For Jesus leads us,
And all His foes shall flee and fall;
Then all the ransom’d happy nations
Shall crown Him Lord and King of all.

Tho’ countless foes
Our way oppose,
No weakness we’ll display,
But battle still,
With dauntless will
Around the cross,
Nor think of loss,
Till sin hath pass’d away. [Refrain]

The battle-cry
That rent the sky
In dreary ages flown,
Is ringing still,
O’er plain and hill,
And thus shall ring,
Till Christ our King
Regains His royal throne. [Refrain]

Hope’s blessed light
Illumes the night,
Outshines the noonday sun;
And soon shall rise
Thro’ love-lit skies,
From ev’ry land,
The tidings grand:
The Son of God hath won! [Refrain]