With Calvary Standing Before Me I Look

With Calvary standing before me, I look,
And One there-on hanging I see
Who speaks, and His words are as fire to my soul-
“Beloved, I suffer for thee!”

Wonderful love of the Crucified!
Wonderful love of the One denied!
Oh, wonderful love, that for me He died,
Wonderful, wonderful love.

The halo divine overhanging His brow,
Speaks love which the world never knew;
For, hark! He is praying the Father above-
“Forgive, they know not what they do!” [Chorus]

Again, as I look, lo! a darkness descends,
His face from my vision to hide;
And there in that hour with my mouth I confessed-
“It was for my sin that He died!” [Chorus]

In anguish I cried from the depths of my soul-
“Lord Jesus have mercy on me!
I come, leaving all at the foot of Thy cross,
Thine, Lord, Thine forever to be!” [Chorus]