With Conscious Guilt And Bleeding Heart

With conscious guilt and bleeding heart,
Near to thy throne of grace I fly;
O! Friend of friendless sinners, deign
To hear my penitential cry.

Borne down with sin’s tremendous load,
I cannot raise my soul to thee;
E’en when I would approach thy throne,
Through unbelief I’m kept away.

O! sov’reign, gracious, pow’rful God,
Compel my sins to quit their seat;
And cloth’d with Jesus’ finish’d robe,
I’ll dare approach my Savior’s feet.

My first, my only cry shall be,
“Thy sanctifying grace impart,
And form my soul alike to thee,
And dwell forever in my heart.”

Then, when I quit this vale of tears,
Uncloth’d with flesh my soul shall rise:
Adorn’d with ev’ry shining grace,
Shall reign with God above the skies.