With Courage Unfailing And Pray Lillenas

With courage unfailing and pray’r all prevailing,
All evil assailing, we’re pressing on;
Our God goes before us, His banner is o’er us,
We shall be victorious, we’re pressing on.

We’re pressing on, constantly pressing on
To a victory complete,
For we cannot know defeat,
We’re pressing on
We’re pressing on
To a glorious victory, now and forever.

In God we’re confiding, in Jesus abiding,
Thro’ grace He’s providing, we’re pressing on;
His word never doubting, our enemies routing,
The victory shouting, we’re pressing on. [Refrain]

Out God is around us, tho’ foes may surround us,
They shall confound us, we’re pressing on;
Hell’s powers are shaking its fortresses quaking,
The daylight is breaking, we’re pressing on. [Refrain]