With Crowns On Their Heads And With Harp

With crowns on their heads and with harps in their hands,
And robed in white raiment the glorified stand;
They are harpers of God and forever they sing
All worthy, all worthy our Saviour and King.

O singers of heaven! O glorified throng!
O spotless and holy ones, harpers of God!
By faith I can see you and join in your song,
The song of redemption, salvation by blood.

For Thou hast redeemed us from sin by Thy blood,
By grace we are made kings and priests unto God;
O! strike ev’ry chord, and let heaven again
Resound with the praise of the Lamb that was slain. [Chorus]

O harpers of God, hallelujah I cry,
I join in the chorus that rings through the sky;
I too am forgiven, I’m saved by the blood,
I love Him, I own Him, my Lord and my God. [Chorus]

O glorified singers, through Jesus I come,
To join you, and rest in my heavenly home;
I long for the moment, it cannot be long,
When rising in rapture I join in your song. [Chorus]