With Ecstasy Of Joy

With ecstasy of joy
Extol his glorious name,
Who rear’d the spacious earth,
And rais’d our mortal frame.
He built the church,
Who spread the sky:
Shout and exalt
His honours high.

See the foundation laid
By pow’r and love divine;
Jesus, his first-born Son,
How bright his glories shine!
Low he descends,
In dust he lies,
That from his tomb
A church might rise.

But he for ever lives,
Nor for himself alone;
Each saint new life derives
From him, the living stone.
His influence spreads
Through ev’ry soul,
And in one house
Unites the whole.

To him with joy we move;
In him cemented stand;
The living temple grows,
And owns the founder’s hand.
That structure, Lord,
Still higher raise,
Louder to sound
Its builder’s praise.