With Expectation From The Lord

With expectation from the LORD,
I waited patiently;
And He inclin’d to pity me,
and heard my humble cry.
He brought me from the dreadful pit,
and from the miry clay;
And on a rock he set my feet,
established my way.

A new song put He in my mouth,
to praise our God on high;
Which many shall behold, and fear,
and on the LORD rely.
O greatly blessed are the men,
who in the LORD confide;
Who value not the proud, nor such,
as turn to lies aside.

[ Part]
O LORD my God, how many are,
the wonders thou hast wrought;
What multitudes of kindnesses
towards us hast thou thought.
Their sum in order, never can
be reckon’d up to thee:
If I would count them they aremore,
than e’er can number’d be.

Thou dost no sacrifice of beasts
now off’ring now desire,
sin off’rings thou requirest not,
nor off’rings made by fire:
But mine ear piercest: then said I,
‘Lo now I come to Thee;
‘As in the volume of thy book
‘ ’tis written thus of me;’

“To do thy will, is my delight,
” O Thou my God who art!
“Yea thy whole law is fised in
“the centre of my heart.”*

“I in the congregation great,
“thy righteousness did show;
“Lo I have not refrain’d my lips,
JEHOVAH thou dost know.
“I have not in my heart conceal’d,
“thy perfect righteousness;
“But thy salvation have declar’d,
“and shown thy faithfulness.
“Neither thy great binignity
“have I at all conceal’d;
Nor from the congregation great
“have I thy truth with-held.”

And now thy tender mercies, LORD
with-hold thou not from me;
But let thy mercy and thy truth
keep me continually.
For evils more than can be told,
encompass me around;
My sins so seize and hold me fast,
that they my sight confound.
They’re more than hairs upon my head,
my heart is quite dismay’d:
O LORD, be pleas’d to rescue me,
LORD< hasten to my aid.

[ Part]
With shame be they confounded, who
my soul to ruin aim;
Yea, all who evil wish to me,
be driven back with shame.
With shame their spite shall be repaid,
who mock my hope in Thee;
Who sport of me in trouble make,
they desolated shall be.

Let all who seek Thee, joy in Thee
who firm in Thee confide;
Who thy salvation love, cry out
“the LORD be magnify’d.”
I poor and needy am; and yet
the Lord does think on me:
For Thou my help and favour art:
my god me quickly free.