With Gladness We Hail This Blessed Day

With gladness we hail this blessed day,
That comes on the wings of morning
And chases the shades of night away,
With beauty the earth adorning.
As children of God we sing His praise,
That darkness to light is turning.

O wonderful hour, that Christmas night,
When Christ to the world was given;
He rose in the East with glory bright,
That spread o’er the darkened heaven;
Then swept o’er the earth a flood of light,
That gloom from our hearts hath driven.

Tho’ trees were alive, endowed with speech,
And every leaflet singing,
They never His grace could wholly preach,
Tho’ earth with their praise were ringing.
Who fully could praise the Light of life,
That light to our souls is bringing?

As golden the early flush of morn
Awakens the day from slumber,
So men by the light of God are born
To serve Him in countless number.
Then sparkle the eyes, the cheeks do glow,
Tho’ dark be the day and somber.

With joy we shall reach our fatherland,
Where God with His own is dwelling;
There, ready for us, His mansions stand;
There angels, in strength excelling
Shall dwell with the saints in glory bright,
And heaven with praise be swelling.