With Gladness We Worship Rejoice As We S

With gladness we worship,
rejoice as we sing,
Free hearts and free voices,
how blessed to bring!
The old thankful story
shall seek Thine abode,
Thou King of all glory,
most bountiful God!

Renewed by Thy Spirit,
redeemed by Thy Son,
Thy children would bless Thee
for all Thou hast done:
O Father, returning
to love and to light,
Our spirits are yearning
to praise Thee aright.

Thy right would we give Thee,
true homage Thy due,
And honor eternal,
the universe through:
With all Thy creation,
earth, heaven and sea,
In one acclamation
we glorify Thee.

We join with the angels,
and so there is giv’n,
From earth, Alleluia,
in answer to Heav’n.
Amen! Be Thou glorious
below and above,
Redeeming, victorious,
and infinite Love!