With Heart And Voice In One Accord

With Heart and Voice in one Accord,
I’ll celebrate thy Praises, LORD:
For thou hast set me up on high,
Ev’n when insulting Foes were nigh;
With Fury they my Peace assail’d,
‘Till thy all-conqu’ring Arm prevali’d.

In my Distress I cry’d to thee,
Who didst in Mercy set me free;
My Eyes were almost clos’d in Death,
And I had nigh resign’d my Breath;
When thou my hopeless Life retriev’d,
And from the Grave my Soul reliev’d.

Thus in his Courts, with Songs of Praise,
Ye Saints your grateful Voices raise;
His Truth and tender Love declare,
And bless his providential Care:
His tender Mercies loud proclaim,
And ever bless his glorious Name.

His Anger soon is over-pass’d,
His Favours will forever last;
Tho’ Sorrow may a Night endure,
Yet in his loving Kindness sure;
For with the chearful Dawn of Morn,
His chearing Mercy will return.
Your Night of Grief is recompens’d
with Joy’s returning Day.

Part II

But I presum’d in prosp’rous Days,
My Glory’s yet unsully’d Rays;
And as no low’ring clouds appear’d,
So I no sudden Danger fear’d:
I thought the LORD my Ways approve’d,
And I should never be remov’d.

But soon I found thy Favour, LORD!
Alone could solemn Joy afford:
For when thy Face was trun’d away,
My blooming Hopes dishonour’d lay;
My Sin I humbly then confess’d,
And thus again the LORD address’d.

“What Profit in my Blood is found,
“When cold congealed in the Bround?
“Can silent Ashes ever raise,
“The glorious Tribute of thy Praise?
“Oh then thy wonted Aid extend,
“For on thee only I depend!”

‘Tis done, and thou hast chang’d my Fate,
Investing me in Robes of State;
Thou hast my Grief to Gladness turn’d,
Tho’ lately I in Sack-cloth mourn’d;
Therefore my Songs, with grateful Joy,
In praising thee, I will employ.