With Heart I Do Accord

With heart I do accord
to praise and laud the Lord,
In presence of the just:
for great his works are found,
To search them such are bound
as do him love and trust.

His works are glorious,
and righteousness to us,
It ever doth endure:
His wondrous works he would,
We still remember should;
his mercy is full sure.

Such as to him bear love,
a portion fair below
He hath up for them laid:
For this they shall well find,
He will them have in mind,
and keep them as he said.

For he did not disdain
his works to shew them plain,
By lightnings and by thunders:
When he the heathens’ land
Did give into their hand,
where they beheld his wonders.

Of all his works ensu’th
both judgement, right and truth,
Whereto his statutes tend,
They are decreed sure
For ever to endure,
on which we may depend.

Redemption great he gave
his people for to save.
It also hath appear’d,
his promise doth not fail,
But evermore prevail;
his holy Name be fear’d.

Whoso with heart full fain
true wisdom would attain,
The Lord fear and obey.
Such as his laws do keep,
Shall knowledge have full deep;
his praise shall last alway.