With Holy Joy My Heart Doth Beat

With holy joy my heart doth beat,
I go my blessed Lord to meet;
Thy mercy and Thy grace afford,
That I may taste Thy goodness, Lord.

O Lord, forgive my sin, I pray,
Turn not from my distress away;
Thou bearest all our sin and woe,
On me Thy saving grace bestow.

Though I have done this evil, Lord,
And sinned against Thy holy Word,
Yet do I now draw near to Thee,
Extend Thy mercy, Lord, to me.

O let me all my sorrows see
Turned into joy and peace by Thee;
When at Thy table, Lord, I kneel,
Let me Thy loving presence feel.

A heavenly food I there receive,
Which doth my hungry soul relieve;
What care I now for want or need?
Thy precious love is wealth indeed.

O come, dear Saviour, then to me,
Deign to prepare a place for Thee
Within my heart and there remain,
And faith, and hope, and love maintain.

Thine let me be, whate’er befall,
Thou art my Life, my Joy, mine All;
Thou Light and Comfort of my heart,
In life, in death, my Hope Thou art.