With Holy Zeal And Christian Grace

With holy zeal and Christian grace,
I’ll take the armor for the race,
Whilst foes and fears beset me round,
In Christ the Lord my strength is found.

Forever blessed be the Lord,
His word he gives me for a sword,
And he commands to wield it well,
Against the powers of earth and hell.

His righteousness a breastplate yields,
Whilst faith affords a glorious shield,
His free salvation’s sovereign grace,
Shall on my head the helmet place.

Thus armed and martialed for the field,
Against temptation doubly steeled,
The glorious combat I begin,
Declaring war with flesh and sin.

My heavenly Captain’s watchful care,
Shall keep me from the tempter’s snare;
His spirit guide my wandering feet,
Till I his face in glory meet.

The Hartford Selection of Hymns from the most approved authors,