With Hosannas Loud Make The Welkin Ring

With hosannas loud make the welkin ring,
Into contrite hearts Christ is entering!
Fronds of royal palms wave in victory,
And extol the advent of liberty!

“Tell ye the daughter of Zion,
Thy King cometh;”
“Hosanna to the Son of David,
He cometh in the name of the Lord.”

With the saints below and the saints above
Hail in glad hosannas atoning love!
O’er thy life henceforth let Messiah reign,
Till the foes without and within are slain. [Chorus]

When the world shall mock at the Prince of Peace,
Or thy glad hosannas would bid thee cease,
Show the Spirit’s sword to the enemy,
And the evil host will before it flee. [Chorus]

With hosannas loud make the welkin ring,
Ye whose hearts today have received the King;
Spread the robes of praise for his majesty,
And proclaim the love which has ransomed thee! [Chorus]