With Jesus Enthroned In The Heart

With Jesus enthroned in the heart,
No vestige of sin can remain,
The blood that was shed will impart
The cleansing for sin’s crimson stain.

Is Jesus enthroned in your heart?
Is Jesus enthroned in your heart?
He longs to come in, to cleanse you from sin,
Is Jesus enthroned in your heart?

With Jesus enthroned all in peace,
His presence can calm ev’ry fear,
The love He bestows ne’er can cease,
His arm of protection is near. [Refrain]

With Jesus enthroned we can show
Lost sinners to Christ who can save,
Can point them to Him whom to know
Is life everlasting to have. [Refrain]

With Jesus enthroned, what delight
To do His sweet will day by day,
Until there shall come that great sight,
Of Him in transcendent array. [Refrain]