With Jesus My Lord All The Way I Am Goin

With Jesus my Lord all the way I am going,
Because his sweet love all my heart is o’erflowing;
My faith in his grace to the world I am showing,
Jesus is precious to me.

Jesus is precious to me,
Always his lover I’ll be,
Wherever he leads by his grace I will follow;
Jesus is precious to me.

He lightens my cares and he shares all my sorrow;
Whatever I need from his love I can borrow;
He gives me, each day, strength and hope for the morrow,
Jesus is precious to me. [Refrain]

I’m close to the side that for sinners was riven;
The love of my soul to my Saviour I’ve given,
And, now I am sure he will guide me to heaven,
Jesus is precious to me. [Refrain]