With Joy I Draw From Out Gods Well

With joy I draw from out God’s well
Rich blessings day by day,
While living waters springing up
I find beside the way.
The blessed flow of this deep well
Makes fruitful life abound,
A watered garden in the soul
Where’er this well is found.

As on I go with willing hands
And earnest heart to do,
Oft weary, ‘neath the burder’s weight.
Where lab’rers are but few,-
I pause to gather strength beside
The well that springeth up,
And from its fullness, rich and pure,
I fill my empty cup.

Still on, amid a desert path
Where every spring is dry,
There, all alone, my loved ones gone
To heaven I lift my cry;
When lo, upon my fainting sight,
As onward still I go,
Fair Elim breaks with waving palms
And wells of crystal flow.

And then, as on my pathway leads
Thro’ shadows, toil, and strife,
I reach a lowly, quiet vale,
A sheltered spot in life;
Within its shade, where jarring notes
Of earthly discord cease,
I gather hearts-ease day by day
At God’s sweet well of peace.