With Joy I Heard The People Say

With joy, I heard the people say,
Let’s to the Lord’s house go and pray.
Our feet, henceforth, with pleasure wait,
Jerusalem, within thy gate.
Jerusalem’s a city fair,
Compact, with beauteous order there.
Thither the tribes devoutly throng;
The tribes which to the Lord belong.

To Israel’s witness we repair,
To honor God, with praise, and prayer.
The seats of justice there have place;
And thrones of David’s royal race.
Pray Salem’s peace may lasting be;
For they shall prosper that love thee.
May peace within thy walls abound;
Thy palaces with joy be crowned.

For friends, and brethren’s sake, I pray
May happy peace, within thee stay.
Because Jehovah’s house is there,
Thy good shall be my constant care.

A New Version of the Psalms of David,