With Joy Our Voices We Unite

With joy our voices we unite,
And lift our hearts above,
To God, the God of power and might,
To God, whose Name is Love.

To Him, who us, and earth, and skies,
With all their armies made,
From us, from all, let anthems rise,
To God the Father paid.

To Him, whose Death for all mankind,
For us, redemption won,
By us, by all, be songs combined,
In praise to God the Son.

To Him, who us and all His fold
With sanctity arrays,
To God, from all His saints enrolled,
The Holy Ghost, be praise.

To God, whose Name His Word reveals,
Whom all His saints confess,
Whose grace His faithful promise seals,
To save, to cleanse, to bless:

To God, from whom all blessings flow,
Eternal One in Three,
From all His saints, above, below,
Eternal glory be!