With Joyful Heart Your Praises Bring

With joyful heart your praises bring
To God, the fount of blessing;
His everlasting goodness sing,
His holy name confessing;
Our God let all creation bless;
He is our aid in all distress:
O bless His Name forever.

Praise God, who to the cross and grave
Hath sent His Son from heaven;
His death that did the guilty save,
Eternal life hath given.
He hath redeemed our souls from hell;
Now peace for God with men doth dwell:
O bless His Name forever!

Praise God, who by His Spirit’s light
To faith our souls awaketh:
Our souls with gifts of grace and might,
He strong and steadfast maketh.
His Word doth light our heavenward way;
His grace inclines us to obey:
O bless His Name forever!

Ye mighty seraphim, your praise
Still to the Lord be bringing,
Let all in heaven their voices raise;
Let earth break forth in singing.
Whate’er hath breath shall Him adore,
Him first, Him last, Him evermore:
O bless His Name forever!