With Joyfulness And Longing

With joyfulness and longing
We look to Thee, O Lord;
Receive us in Thy mercy,
And cheer us with Thy word.
Crown us with loving kindness
And promises of grace,
And let Thy benediction
Abide within this place.

The years have all been crowded
With tokens of Thy love;
And many who here sought Thee
Now worship Thee above.
But we, O Lord, still need Thee
Our pilgrim feet to stay,
For evil often triumphs
As faith to fear gives way.

Teach us to know our calling,
And make that calling sure;
Endow us with the courage
Of those whose hearts are pure.
Then by the blood that bought us
And by the grace that sought,
Help us, in loving truly,
To serve Thee as we ought.

Lord, make Thy people willing
In Thy great day of power;
Call out recruits, great captains,
And from this happy hour
Lead on to fresh endeavor
A people true and strong,
Till, jubilant in glory,
They swell the Conqueror’s song.