With Me Ye Varied Nations Hymn Your God

With me, ye varied nations, hymn your God;
On me while life, while vig’rous health’s bestow’d,
With heart sincere his wond’rous works I’ll sing,
And ‘mid the tribes chant our all-clement king.
Great are his works who with a humble mind
Surveys them, soon their excellence will find.
O’er all his works a majesty divine,
A bright refulgent glory constant shine;
O’er all his works, while glads yon sun the plains,
Mankind shall own impartial justice reigns.
The wonders he in days of yore hath wrought,
His mighty acts, mall never be forgot:
His mercy hears the wretched in their grief,
Compassionates their woes, and grants relief.
The righteous souls, that have his will pursued,
From him have been supplied with daily food:
His faith his people never shall upbraid,
For long he’ll keep the covenant he made.
By the illustrious deeds his hand hath done,
To them his dread omnipotence is shewn:
He drove the heathen from their fruitful plains,
And blest his people with their rich domains.
Justice and truth o’er all his works preside;
His dread right-hand strict truth and justice guide;
His blest commands the strongest basis have,
By truth, by justice, he delights to save;
For ever firm, th’ assaults of time are vain,
‘Gainst them, and they for ever shall remain.
In bondage most severe when Israel sigh’d,
And to their God in bitter anguish cried;
He not delay’d his favour’d tribes to free,
But promis’d them continued liberty,
If from the paths of justice they’d not stray,
But to his law a due attention pay;
For reverend and holy is his name,
And strict obedience to his law he’ll claim.
And sure t’ observe the statutes of our God,
To heav’nly wisdom is the certain road;
By this sure rule who guides his steps, will find
Unstain’d his conscience, and illum’d his mind;
And, while this earth, and while yon heav’ns shall last,
Those, that are truly wise, pronounce him blest.