With Men Impossible

With men impossible!
What hope remains for me?
A sinner on the verge of hell,
How? whither? shall I flee?

“Flee from the wrath to come,”
I hear Jehovah say;
What can I do–let doubt be dumb,–
What can I–but obey?

His sceptre or His rod,
Who shall control them?–None:
All things are possible with God,
He speaks, and it is done.

‘Tis but to know His will,
And in His power confide,
Then faith may bid the sun stand still,
Or walk upon the tide.

The Lord can make a worm
Almighty if He please,
And at His single word perform

When to the blind man’s eyes
He saith “Behold!” ’tis so:
And when He calls the dead, they rise,
Though the grave’s mouth cries “No!”

Then, my Redeemer, then,
From wrath to love I flee,
The things impossible to men,
Are possible with Thee.

I, at Thy feet, in dust,
My unbelief resign,
In Thee alone is all my trust,
Lord, save me, I am thine.

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