With Mournful Voice And Ardent Cries

With mournful voice, and ardent cries,
To God, I made my prayer;
I oft to God my suit renewed,
And he to me gave ear.
In my sad day, I sought the Lord,
My hands stretched forth by night,
And ceased not; my burdened soul
No comfort could admit.

I thought on God, the great and good,
But yet I found no rest;
I poured out my complaint, and still
My mind remained oppressed.
Thou hold’st mine eyes awake; my grief’s
So great I cannot speak.
From former days, and ancient times,
I then relief did seek.

I called to mind my songs, by night
I communed with my heart;
My spirit searched the hidden cause,
And end, with all her art.

“Forever, will the Lord cast off?
Will he no more be kind?
Is Mercy wholly spent; his word
Forever out of mind?

“Has God forgot to show his grace?
Doth wrath his love restrain?”
I said, “the Change in God’s right hand,
‘Tis this that gives me pain.”
But I’ll remind Jehovah’s works,
Thy wonders wrought of old:
On all thy works I’ll meditate,
Thy doings shall be told.

Second Part

e. Thy way, O God, is in the height;
Great as our God, there’s none.
Thou God dost wonders; thou, thy strength,
Hast to the people shown.
Thy people, by thy mighty arm,
Thou hast from bondage freed;
The offspring of thy favorites,
Jacob’s and Joseph’s seed.

The waters saw thee, mighty God,
Thee did the waters see;
They fled for fear, the depths retired,
Struck with the awe of thee.
The clouds abundant waters poured,
The sky sent forth a sound;
Thy pointed arrows armed with wrath,
In vengeance flew around.

Thy awful voice, from heaven above,
In roaring thunders, broke;
The lower world with lightnings blazed,
The earth was moved and shook.
Thy way is in the rowling sea;
(A wondrous way we own!)
Thy path through mighty waters lies;
Thy footsteps are unknown.

Thou led’st thy people, like a flock,
By Moses’s skillful hand,
And Aaron’s. through the wilderness,
Safe to the promised land.

A New Version of the Psalms of David,