With My Heart So Full Of Sadness

With my heart so full of sadness,
I am coming, Lord, to thee;
Coming now to find thy gladness,
And thy grace, so rich and free.
Empty is the world’s enjoyment,
Fleeting is its glittering show;
When I see my Saviour’s brightness
All is darkness here below.

O Saviour, I am coming,
Coming, coming!
O Saviour, I am coming,
I’m coming now to thee.

Coming with my heart of sorrow,
Coming with my life of care,
Coming to the Lord of mercy,
Coming to the God of prayer.
Leaving all the world behind me,
Leaving all my doubts and fears,
Pressing on to find my Saviour,
Who will wipe away my tears.

Giving now my soul and body
As an offering, Lord, to thee,
I would follow in thy footsteps,
Living, dying, thine to be.
O in mercy let thy blessing
Fill and overflow my heart!
All my ways and thoughts possessing,
Come, dear Lord, no more to part.