With My Whole Heart My God And King Hopk

With my whole heart, my God and King
Thy worthy praise I will proclaim;
Before the gods with joy I’ll sing,
And ever bless thy holy name.

I’ll worship at thy sacred seat;
And, with thy love divine inspir’d,
The praises of thy truth repeat,
Thy truth through all thy works admir’d.

Thou graciously inclin’st thine ear,
When I to thee address’d my cry;
And when my soul was press’d with fear,
Didst inward strength to me supply.

Therefore shall ev’ry earthly prince
Thy name with constant praise pursue;
Whom thy bless’d word shall them convince
That all thy works are just and true.

The God of heav’n maintains his state,
Frowns on the proud, and scorns the great;
But from his throne descends to bless
The humble souls that trust his grace.

Amidst a thousand snares I stand,
Upheld and guarded by thy hand,
Thy words my fainting soul revive,
And keep my dying faith alive.

Grace will complete what grace begins,
To save from sorrows or from sins;
The work that wisdom undertakes
Eternal mercy ne’er forsakes.