With New Made Songs Let God Be Praised

With new-made Songs, let GOD be praised,
Who wondrous Things for us hath done
With his Right Hand and Arm upraised,,
A glorious Conquest he has won.
The LORD, hat to the World, dismayed,
Declar’d his Strength and saving Might,
He hath his righteous Acts displayed,
Before th’ astonish’d Heathens Sight.

The LORD, in Love and Truth excelling,
Of Israel’s House hath mindful been;
And Nations in Earth’s Corners dwelling,
The saving Pow’r of GOD have seen.
Let Earth’s Inhabitants, combining,
To him their joyful Voices raise;
Let all in Songs of Triumph joining,
Loudly resound their Maker’s Praise.

With many tuneful Harps surrounding,
Let them into the Concert bring,
Trumpets and Cornets, shrilly sounding,
And hymn glad Praises to their King:
Let the loud Ocean roar, transported,
With all that spacious Seas contain,
Be Earth’s Inhabitants exhorted,
To join in Praise the noisy Main.

Let Streams, thro’ fertile Meadows bounding,
In larger Torrents dance and play;
Let Hills and Vales their Joy resounding,
Far off redoubled Shouts convey:
To welcome down the King renowned,
Who does in awful Triumph come,
With never fading Glory crowned,
With Justice to reward or doom.