With Our Colors Waving Bright In The Bla

With our colors waving bright in the blaze of gospel light
We are marshall’d on the world’s great field;
We are ready for the strife and the battle work of life,
Ever trusting in the Lord our shield.

Glory to God! we are marching, marching on,
Marching to a home above;
Glory to God! we are marching, marching on,
Happy in a Saviour’s love.

Oft the tempter we shall meet, but we will not fear defeat,
Though his arrows at our ranks may fly;
Thro’ a Saviour’s mighty love more than conquerors we shall prove,
Shouting, Glory be to God on high. [Refrain]

We have girded on the sword and the armor of the Lord,
We have taken up the cross he bore;
Oh, the trophies we shall win, oh, the victory over sin,
When the battle and the strife are o’er! [Refrain]

Soon we’ll reach the pearly gate, where the blessed army wait,
Soon their welcome, welcome song may ring;
When we lay our armor down and receive a starry crown,
Shouting, Glory be to God our King. [Refrain]