With Raised Voice To God Our Strength

With raised voice, to God, our strength,
Aloud his praises sing;
With shouting, make a joyful noise,
To Jacob’s God, and King.
Strike up a psalm, the timbrel bring,
And with your voices join;
The pleasant harp, and psaltery,
In consort sweet combine.

The trumpet blow, in the new moon;
When our feast-days arrive.
To Israel, for a statute law,
This Jacob’s God did give.
This witness he, in Joseph, set,
When thorough Egypt’s land
He went; where we a language heard,
We could not understand.

Then, from his shoulders, I removed,
The burden on him lay;
His hands then ceased from the pots,
And working in the clay.
In thy distress, thou call’dst on me,
And I thy griefs removed;
In thunders secret place replied,
At Massah’s stream thee proved.

Second Part

“Hear, O my people, my protest;
O Israel hear my word.
No strange god shall in thee be found;
No foreign lord adored.
Jehovah, I thy God, thee brought
From Egypt’s miry clays,
Thy mouth wide open, I’ll it fill,
With plenty, and with praise.

“But Israel would not hear my voice;
Nor me their choice would make.
So I them left to their heart’s lusts,
Their own advice to take.
Oh, that my people me had heard,
And walked in my command.
I would have soon subdued their foes,
And on them turned my hand.”

From them that hate the Lord, I would
A forced submission gain;
But as for them, their happy times
Forever should remain.
I would have fed them with the best,
And finest of the wheat;
Of honey, from the rock distilled.
They, to their fill, should eat.

A New Version of the Psalms of David,