With Reverence And Holy Fear

With reverence and holy fear,
Let christian worshippers draw near,
And consecrate this house to be!
The Lord’s abode and sanctuary.

Here let them meet, to hear and pray,
And seek the Lord, our life and way;
O may it be a place to find:
A Salem, for the seeking mind.

Here may they build each other up,
In charity, and faith, and hope;
Until they taste, and feel, and know:
That Jesus dwells with Saints below.

Here may the gospel glory shine,
And fill each soul with grace divine;
God’s holy word, and means of grace,
Be always used in this place.

Since Jesus is the great high priest,
Who always makes his people blest,
When they approach within the vail,
What joys and comforts shall they feel.

What glories shall they there behold!
More precious than the choicest gold;
A glimps of the bless’d Saviour’s throne!
A heav’n on earth for them begun.