With Reverend Awe Tremendous Lord

With reverend awe, tremendous Lord,
We hear the thunders of Thy Word;
The pride of Lebanon it breaks;
Swift the celestial fire descends,
The flinty rock in pieces rends,
And earth to its deep center shakes.

Arrayed in majesty divine,
Here sanctity and justice shine,
And horror strikes the rebel through,
While loud this awful voice makes known
The wonders, which Thy sword hath done,
And what Thy vengeance yet shall do.

So spread the honors of Thy name,
The terrors of a God proclaim;
Thick let the pointed arrows fly;
Till sinners, humbled in the dust,
Shall own the execution just,
And bless the hand by which they die.

Then clear the dark tempestuous day,
And radiant beams of love display;
Each prostrate soul let mercy raise
So shall the bleeding captives feel
Thy Word, which gave the wound, can heal,
And change their groans to songs of praise.