With Solemn Joy We Come Dear Lord

With solemn joy we come, dear Lord,
To make our vows this day;
We find in thee our hope, our life,
Thou art the living way.

In childhood’s pure and blessed morn
Thy gift was shed from heaven,
When at the sacred font of life
Our souls to thee were given.

And through the years thy wondrous grace
Has followed all the way;
Thy love has never let us go,
Though we are prone to stray. A-men.

Forgive, dear Lord, each fault and stain,
And cleanse our hearts from sin;
Help us to walk in humble faith,
And keep us pure within.

O blessed Saviour, thine we are,
Thy Name we would confess;
Thy Spirit pour into our hearts,
Our youthful lives to bless.

O keep us faithful, keep us true,
And seal us for thine own,
That we may stand at last with joy
Before thy great white throne.