With Solemn Shout We Sing Thy Praise

With solemn Shout we sing thy Praise,
Ancient of everlasting Days!
Thou daily gather’st Home thine own,
Who bear thy Cross, to wear thy Crown.

Let all rejoice, and no one grieve,
This Day we meet to take our Leave
Of our dear Brother’s precious Dust,
Until the rising of the Just.

One with the Body of the Lamb,
Seal’d with Emmanuel’s new Name,
A Member of his Flesh and Bone,
By Blood redeem’d, to Heav’n he’s gone.

Whilst here below, he knew the Lord,
And sanctify’d in God the Word;
In him his Spirit now shall dwell,
A Conq’ror over Death and Hell.

See! how he treads the Courts Above,
The Pavements of eternal Love,
Wond’ring he kneels, and hails that Blood,
Which reconcil’d his Heart to God.

Hark! how he thunders Jesu’s Name,
Before the Throne a burning Flame:
With the united Host he bows,
And no more Grief or Trouble knows.

Then mourn not o’er the lifeless Clay,
But wait the Resurrection-day,
When Christ the Saviour shall appear,
And he come with him in the Air.