With Songs Of Sacred Joy

With songs of sacred joy
Extol His glorious Name,
Who reared the spacious earth,
And raised our ruined frame.
He built the Church who spread the sky;
Sing and exalt His honors high.

See the Foundation laid
By Power and Love divine;
Jesus, His first-born Son,
How bright His glories shine!
Low He descends, in dust He lies,
That from His tomb a Church might rise.

But He for ever lives,
Nor for Himself alone:
Each saint new life derives
From Him the living Stone.
His influence spreads through every soul,
And in one house unites the whole.

To Him with joy we move;
In Him cemented stand;
The living temple grows,
And owns the Founder’s hand.
That Structure, Lord, still higher raise,
Louder to sound its Builder’s praise.