With Sorrow And Woe I Was Cruelly Crowne

With sorrow and woe I was cruelly crowned,
And beaten with stripes, tho’ no blame could be found;
In hateful derision they mocked at My shame,
They scorned proffered mercy, rejecting My claim.

I suffered in silence because of your sin,
I died broken-hearted to save sinful men.

I plead by the cross, where I suffered and died;-
I point to the wounds in My hands, feet and side;
O let Me come into your heart and remain,
The King of Redemption forever to reign. [Chorus]

I rose from the grave and ascended on high,
While angels were chanting their songs in the sky;
Thro’ ages unending the theme of My love
Shall sound thro’ the mansions of glory above. [Chorus]