With Stains Of Sin Upon Me

With stains of sin upon me
And burdened by my guilt,
I dared not hope that for my soul
The Saviour’s blood was spilt;
But I opened up my Bible
Where I rejoiced to see
That whosoever will may come,
And that means me.

That means me, that means me,
Whosoever will may come, that means me;
I am so very glad, because the Master said:
Whosoever will may come; and that means me.

I came to him so sinful
But trusting in his name,
And freely Jesus pardoned me
And lifted me from shame.
O I’m glad my Lord has offered
His grace so rich and free
To whosoever comes to him,
For that means me!

O sinner, come to Jesus,
The promise is for you;
The priceless gift is offered now
And all you have to do
Is to come this very moment,
And he will set you free,
For whosoever means you, too,
As well as me.