With Steady Pace The Pilgrim Moves

WITH steady pace the pilgrim moves
Toward the blissful shore,
And sings with cheerful heart and voice:
‘Tis better on before.

His passage through a desert lies,
Where furious lions roar;
He takes his staff, and smiling says:
‘Tis better on before.

When tempted to forsake his God
And give the contest o’er,
He hears a voice which says: Look up,
‘Tis better on before.

When stern affliction clouds his face,
And death stands at the door,
Hope cheers him with her happiest note:
‘Tis better on before.

And when on Jordan’s bank he stands,
And views the radiant shore,
Bright angels whisper: Come away,
‘Tis better on before.

And so it is, for high in Heaven
They never suffer more;
Eternal calm succeeds the storm,
‘Tis better on before.