With The Cross Of Christ Before

With the cross of Christ before to lead us,
Going forth at his command,
With his royal banner floating o’er us,
We will soon possess the land;
Tho’ the foe may oft-times press upon us,
With the gospel armor shod;
We will bravely march to realms of glory
In the kingdom of our God.

He leads us ever, then falter never,
Go tell his glory in song and story;
We never weary, tho’ days be dreary,
The cross of Christ goes on before.

We will never fear, nor doubt, nor falter,
When upon the battle field,
For our Captain leads the way to conquest,
All to him at last must yield;
We will march forever on and upward,
As a solid phalanx move;
Till as victors crowned with glory we assemble
In the courts above. [Refrain]

Let us then prove earnest, loyal soldiers,
In his cause the conflict brave,
Trusting fully in our great Commander,
Who for us his life blood gave;
Let us gird our loins today for battle
And go forward with the throng,
Till in heav’n at last we tell his glory
And his praise proclaim in song. [Refrain]